CBC Halifax Information Morning, December 4, 2014: interview with Phlis McGregor
       “Rats Invade Art Gallery of Nova Scotia”

The Coast, December 4, 2014: review of Cellar, by Stephanie Johns
       “Rat Pack”

The Chronicle Herald, December 20, 2014: review of Cellar, by Elissa Barnard 
        “Rats! Artist mines reactions with rodent show”

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       “Four art exhibitions with that 'sacred touch of beauty’”

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       “Of rats and men”

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       by Jaime Forsythe

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       "True Patriot Love” 

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       "Lost in the Garden”

Akimbo, July 28, 2011: Hit List

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Visual Arts News, spring 2011: review of Trespass, by Mike Landry
       "Animal Instincts”